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Data Science Degree Programs Guide - Top Bachelor's Degrees-01

By DSD Staff
April 2019

According to a recent ranking by Glassdoor of the 50 Best Jobs in America for 2019, Data Scientist is the top job with a median base salary of $108,000/year. Data scientists are responsible for capturing data, maintaining that data, processing it, analyzing it, and then communicating their findings to key stakeholders. Individuals with skills in data science are able to organize and analyze huge amounts of data that otherwise would go unstudied. With projects competing for funding, businesses need to make sure that their decisions are backed by meaningful data that validates or demonstrates a need. Enter the role of the data scientist. Data scientists are in demand in all sectors from healthcare to counterterrorism. Earning a data science bachelor’s degree is a great way to gain the skills and knowledge needed to enter the field and stand out amongst the competition.

We created this list of the best data science bachelor’s degree programs by reviewing College Navigator to find schools offering this innovative new major. We considered programs in analytics, data science, and business analytics in our list. We then developed a ranking system to determine the top 20 schools offering a data science bachelor’s degree.

Ranking is as follows:
Student/Faculty ratio:

  • 15:1 or less- 5 points
  • 16:1 to 20:1- 3 points
  • Greater than 20:1- 1 point

Average Net Price:

  • Less than $15,000- 5 points
  • $15,000 to $20,000- 3 points
  • Greater than $20,000- 1 point

Graduation Rate:

  • Greater than 65%- 5 points
  • 40% to 65%- 3 points
  • Less than 40%- 1 point

Where there are ties, schools are ranked according to Average Net Price per College Navigator.

#20 -Becker College – Worchester, Massachusetts

B.S. in Applied Computer Science-Data Science Specialization

School Profile
Ratio: 14:1
Average Net Price: $33,344/year
Graduation Rate: 38%
Points: 7
The applied computer science program at Becker College features a concentration in Data Science. Courses cover areas such as:

  • data science tools and techniques
  • business statistics
  • machine learning
  • bioinformatics

This top data science program features hands-on experiences and small class size. The four year program includes a practicum and capstone course which give students real-world experience.

#19 -Concordia University – Irvine, California

Business Administration-Business Data Analytics

School Profile

Ratio: 17:1
Average Net Price: $25,094/year
Graduation Rate: 65%
Points: 7
The IACBE accredited data science top bachelor’s degree program at the Concordia University School of Business is focused on the science of Big Data. Courses cover areas such as:

  • data visualization
  • Big Data analytical tools
  • econometrics
  • statistics

Students complete an internship in business data analytics to gain hands-on experience. Access to the Career Services Office, Business Department, and community business partners give students the chance to demonstrate their skills in a real-world setting. Graduates have gone on to work for companies such as:

  • Adidas
  • KPMG
  • Northwestern Mutual
  • the Los Angeles Clippers

#18 -Auburn University – Auburn, Alabama

Business Analytics Bachelor’s Degree Program

School Profile
Ratio: 19:1
Average Net Price: $22,613/year
Graduation Rate: 77%
Points: 9
The Raymond J. Harbert College of Business at Auburn University has a top business analytics degree program focused on harnessing the power of “Big Data.” Courses cover topics such as:

  • Big Data
  • predictive modeling
  • communicating quantitative results in business

Software environments such as SAS, Tableau, Python, and R give students experience with valuable tools of the trade. Worried about finding a job after you graduate? The program boasts a 100% job placement rate for graduates.

#17 -Arkansas Tech University – Russellville, Arkansas

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a degree in Business Data Analytics

School Profile
Ratio: 19:1
Average Net Price: $11,510/year
Graduation Rate: 39%
Points: 9
The College of Business at Arkansas Tech University offers a top bachelor’s in business data analytics program. It gives students the strategies to solve complex business problems. Students learn to analyze both large and small data sets. Courses cover subjects such as:

  • data modeling and management
  • data analytics applications development
  • business intelligence

Data science students can participate in:

  • the Arkansas Small Business and Technology Development Center
  • Accounting Club Beta Gamma Sigma
  • Business Student Leadership Council

#16 -Northern Kentucky University – Highland Heights, Kentucky

B.S. in Data Science

School Profile
Ratio: 19:1
Average Net Price: $9,338/year
Graduation Rate: 40%
Points: 9
The top bachelor’s in data science program at Northern Kentucky University is a flexible program. It offers outstanding career preparation. Courses are available in areas like:

  • data mining
  • Big Data
  • data analytics
  • data wrangling

All students complete a data science capstone course working with a client to design, implement, and present a data science project. Students can earn a minor in:

  • applied statistics
  • business informatics
  • computer science
  • mathematics.

#15 -University of San Francisco – San Francisco, California

Data Science Bachelor’s Degree Program

School Profile
Ratio: 13:1
Average Net Price: $35,270/year
Graduation Rate: 77%
Points: 11
The top bachelor’s in data science at the University of San Francisco gives students the skills to use data to make effective business decisions. The program is focused on training in two main areas: mathematics and computer science. Courses in these areas cover:

  • the statistical software package R
  • programming
  • databases
  • data structure and algorithms

A variety of capstone experiences are available, including:

  • upper level electives
  • an applied math laboratory
  • senior team project

#14 -Denison University – Granville, Ohio

Data Analytics Bachelor of Arts

School Profile
Ratio: 9:1
Average Net Price: $32,290/year
Graduation Rate: 86%
Points: 11
The top data analytics program at Denison University is a rigorous program. It’s comprised of math, science, and data analytics coursework. Data science courses include:

  • data systems
  • applied statistics
  • single and multi-variable calculus
  • scientific data and dynamics

All students complete a summer internship to gain experience in a professional setting. This is followed by a capstone project focused on their experience. Graduates are ready to conduct research, advance policy, and make data driven business decisions in their organization.

#13 -Simmons University – Boston, Massachusetts

Data Science and Analytics (BS)

Program Website
Ratio: 8:1
Average Net Price: $29,690/year
Graduation Rate: 73%
Points: 11
The top bachelor’s in data science and analytics program at Simmons University gives students the tools needed to harness the power of information. Courses include:

  • introductory statistics
  • regression analysis
  • applied data science
  • database management

Students can customize their program by:

  • selecting a dual major
  • taking courses in an accelerated format
  • choosing a complimentary minor

Hands-on research opportunities and internships give students valuable real-world experience.

#12 -Bethel University – Saint Paul, Minnesota

Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Mathematics and Data Science

Program Website
Ratio: 11:1
Average Net Price: $28,706/year
Graduation Rate: 71%
Points: 11
Bethel University has a top bachelor’s in data science and mathematics. It’s ideal for future data science professionals or those planning to attend grad school. Students can add a minor in computer science without taking additional coursework. They can also add a double major in computer science by taking four additional courses. Internships are available for students who want experience in the field. Students interested in research can work alongside faculty on their own original research. Graduates have been successful in:

  • data analytics
  • systems analysis
  • information technology

#11 -Trinity University – San Antonio, Texas

Bachelor of Science degree in Business Analytics and Technology

School Profile
Ratio: 9:1
Average Net Price: $28,540/year
Graduation Rate: 80%
Points: 11
The top bachelor’s in business analytics and technology (BAT) at Trinity University is a hands-on program. BAT students work closely with organizations of all sizes to apply their skills and training in a real-world setting. Courses are available in:

  • machine learning
  • Lean process improvement
  • operations management
  • business analytics

Graduates are able to analyze big data sets and recommend improvements to increase business effectiveness.

#10 -Smith College – Northampton, Massachusetts

Statistical & Data Sciences (SDS) Program

School Profile
Ratio: 9:1
Average Net Price: $26,734/year
Graduation Rate: 88%
Points: 11
Smith College features an innovative Statistical and Data Sciences Program offered through collaboration with the Five Colleges:

  • Amherst
  • Hampshire
  • Mount Holyoke
  • Smith
  • the University of Massachusetts

Faculty are in regular communication with each other and offer several coordinated courses. Students at Smith learn through hands-on contact with data. Student-driven projects in data are a regular part of class time, while students pursue their interests in areas such as:

  • sociology
  • political science
  • biology
  • neuroscience
  • psychology

Teamwork is also a key program component and students have the opportunity to work in teams at the annual Five College DataFest at UMass.

#9 -Luther College – Decorah, Iowa

Computer Science-Data Science Major

School Profile
Ratio: 11:1
Average Net Price: $26,013/year
Graduation Rate: 80%
Points: 11
Data science is available as both a major and a minor at Luther College. Data science bachelor’s degree majors develop the knowledge and skills needed to analyze complex data sets to help businesses make better decisions. Courses in data science include:

  • fundamentals of web programming
  • applied statistics
  • applied machine learning
  • data analysis and visualization
  • database design

All students complete a capstone research project to demonstrate their newly acquired skills.

#8 -Valparaiso University – Valparaiso, Indiana

B.S. in Data Science

School Profile
Ratio: 12:1
Average Net Price: $23,099/year
Graduation Rate: 72%
Points: 11
Valparaiso University features a bachelor’s in data science with an integrated curriculum focused on:

  • mathematics
  • computer science
  • data science

Students study areas like:

  • applied data science
  • data mining and applications
  • computational linear algebra
  • scientific visualization

Data science graduates have found success working as financial analysts, business intelligence analysts, and computer programmers. Students are encouraged to pick up a minor or second major that relates to their applied area of interest.

#7 -University of Evansville – Evansville, Indiana

Statistics and Data Science

School Profile
Ratio: 11:1
Average Net Price: $21,046/year
Graduation Rate: 72%
Points: 11
The University of Evansville features a top bachelor’s in data science program using state-of-the art tools and techniques. Students get experience with statistical software such as R, Python, and BigQuery. Courses are project driven and cover areas like:

  • acquisition and data cleaning
  • data interpretation

In addition to gaining quantitative and technological skills, students will also learn to frame questions, pull teams together, and effectively communicate analysis to stakeholders.

#6 -University of California Berkeley – Berkeley, California

L&S Data Science Major

Program Website
Ratio: 18:1
Average Net Price: $18,178/year
Graduation Rate: 91%
Points: 11
The top data science program at the University of California Berkeley is a well-rounded program focused on the full-cycle of data analysis. Students will learn:

  • computational processes
  • data management strategies
  • domain knowledge
  • statistical inference

Data science courses cover:

  • computational and inferential depth
  • probability
  • human contexts and ethics
  • modeling, learning, and decision making

All students select a domain emphasis that allows them to apply their data skills to an area of interest.

#5 -St. Mary’s University – San Antonio, Texas

Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting and Data Analytics

School Profile
Ratio: 12:1
Average Net Price: $17,806/year
Graduation Rate: 63%
Points: 11
The Department of Accounting at St. Mary’s University offers a bachelor’s in accounting and data analytics focused on “Big Data.” The program was created to diversify job opportunities for graduates interested in working in this growing area. Students complete a 120 credit hour accounting bachelor’s degree program plus 30 credits in data analytics and IS courses. Courses cover areas like:

  • database management
  • systems analysis and design
  • accounting
  • programming

Graduates have received job opportunities from companies such as:

  • Liberty Mutual
  • Frost Bank
  • Sea World
  • NuStar Energy, L.P.

#4 -Arizona State University – Tempe, Arizona

Business Data Analytics

School Profile
Ratio: 20:1
Average Net Price: $12,947/year
Graduation Rate: 63%
Points: 11
The W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University has a top bachelor’s in Business Data Analytics program that gives students a customized experience. Students can take courses on-campus or online. They have access to over 45 business clubs and organizations. Courses cover areas such as:

  • business data mining
  • business data warehouses and dimensional modeling
  • enterprise analytics
  • logistics management

This top bachelor’s in data science has received STEM-eligible status with the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency within the Department of Homeland Security. This gives eligible graduates on student visas the opportunity to access an Optional Practical Training extension of up to 36 months.

#3 -University of Michigan – Ann Arbor, Michigan

Undergraduate Program in Data Science

School Profile
Ratio: 11:1
Average Net Price: $16,408/year
Graduation Rate: 92%
Points: 13
The University of Michigan features a multidisciplinary data science top bachelor’s degree program. It’s through a collaboration between the EECS Department in the College of Engineering and the Department of Statistics in the College of LSA. This rigorous program explores the practical use of data and the theoretical properties of analysis. Courses cover areas such as:

  • applied regression analysis
  • data structures and algorithms
  • discrete mathematics
  • probability and statistics

Flexible technical electives are available for students to gain experience applying data science to other domains.

#2 -University of Iowa – Iowa City, Iowa

Bachelor’s in Data Science

School Profile
Ratio: 16:1
Average Net Price: $14,845/year
Graduation Rate: 74%
Points: 13
The bachelor’s in data science at the University of Iowa is an innovative program focused on statistical/probabilistic and algorithmic methods of data analysis. Core courses cover:

  • statistical methods and computing
  • discrete structures
  • database systems
  • machine learning

All students complete an internship that emphasizes communication, teamwork, and ethics in data science.

#1 -Brigham Young University – Provo, Utah

Bachelor of Science in Statistics with an emphasis in Data Science

School Profile
Ratio: 20:1
Average Net Price: $12,979/year
Graduation Rate: 83%
Points: 13
Our top data science program is offered by Brigham Young University. This innovative program includes courses in SQL, Python, SAS, and R. Students have the opportunity to earn several certifications including:

  • the SAS Certified Base Programmer and SAS Certified Advanced Programmer
  • SAS?BYU Applied Statistics
  • Advanced SAS Programming Certification

Internships are available in several government agencies including:

  • the National Institute of Standards and Technology
  • the National Institutes of Health
  • the Joint Program in Survey Methodology

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