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How Can I Prevent My Data from Being Mined?

In the most basic of terms, data mining is defined as a process by which patterns in large data sets are discovered. This involves the comprehensive utilization of machine learning, database systems, and statistical application. Like many individuals, you may have an interest in learning about how you can prevent your data from being mined.

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Protect Your Privacy When Browsing Online

If you are like most people, you spend a considerable amount of time browsing online for work or personal purposes. The process of doing online searches has the significant potential of opening you up to the prospect of significant data mining.

There are some reliable applications that can protect your privacy when browsing the internet. These products are designed to provide privacy for specific search engines. Thus, when you consider a particular solution, you need to doublecheck to make certain it is designed to the search engine you use the most:

  • Adblock Plus
  • Ghostery
  • ScriptNo
  • Do Not Track Plus
  • Priv3

In addition to taking advantage of one or another of these privacy applications, you can also protect your privacy and prevent data mining by surfing the net in privacy more. All major search engines have a privacy mode that shields your online activity and ensures that no record is made of what you do on the internet.

Avoid the Installation of Adware

A key tactic you need to employ to prevent data mining is to do everything in your power to prevent the installation of adware onto your computer. One of the more important steps that you can take to protect against the invasion of your computer with adware is to be careful about where you download software. Generally speaking, you should only download software from the site of a reputable developer or from a reliable merchant like Amazon.

Use Temporary Email Address

When you are seeking a new product or service online utilize a temporary email address for your contact information. When you are shopping online for a product or service you become more vulnerable to data mining. If you use a temporary email address you form a layer of protection from people and businesses intent on data mining and other activities invasive of your privacy.

Continue to use a temporary email address even after you sign up for a particular service, at least for a period of time. Once you are satisfied with the service and make the decision to use it indefinitely, you can begin to associate your primary email account with the business or organization.

Protect Your Email Address in Public Settings

Never place your email address in a public forum or any location online accessible to the general public or even a section of the population. Displaying your email address and similar data in this manner renders you vulnerable to scripts and spam bots.

Data mining is crucial to the success of some of the most successful enterprises doing business online today, according to The Atlantic. Protecting yourself from data mining is important because not only to reputable ventures utilize data mining but so do disreputable actors who inhabit the internet.