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With the rate at which data science has slowly become a part of practically every industry, there are very few people who remain unaware of it. And while the evolution continues to take place, there are some specialists who raise the question pertaining to longevity. More precisely, they are questioning if data science is just a short-term trend that will soon become obsolete.


Major Threat to Data Science

One of the major threats that data science is facing is the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI). In simple terms, AI stands for computerized machines who automate processes by being able to learn and exhibit human-like understanding. For instance, Apple’s talking software, Siri, is a perfect example of one of the relatively early forms of AI. Some industries that currently rely on this type of technology include healthcare, business, and government sectors.

Well, due to the fact that AI automates tasks, many people are wondering if further development of automation will facilitate a lack of need for manual data analysis. That would mean that the data science as we know today would certainly become obsolete and those who specialize in this area would find it difficult to land a job. Obviously, that is an extreme scenario that is unlikely to happen anyway. The more realistic way of approaching the topic is to question the degree of displacement that the data science will experience with AI’s forthcoming growth.

Different Objectives

Although both data science and AI are based on analysis of various inputs, they do not have the same objectives. The analysis of data simply aims to understand the information in a manner that is useful to some particular person. For example, when an investor analyzes a corporation’s financial statements, they are often looking for signs of profitability. If an auditor looks at those same financial statements, they are more focused on signs of fraud. Nonetheless, they can apply versatile data analyses to derive results that help them make useful conclusions.

With AI, the main goal is to simply automate a process and help reduce the number of manual tasks. For example, according to Forbes, a lot of financial institutions are leveraging this technology for easier customer communication. That includes the ever-growing chatbots that have become an essential part of almost every large brand’s website. While AI certainly uses a lot of data science to properly answer to inquiries, its goal is not to derive the same type of results.

The Likely Outcome

Given that there is a clear disconnect between what AI and data science achieve, saying that either of them will ever become obsolete is a far-reaching statement. Not to mention that data science is responsible for the proper functioning of AI as well as all subsequent inventions. Even though specialists may have to work on their skillsets as the industry progresses, there are countless signs that show how information analysis is here to stay.

One thing that must be mentioned as a caveat here, however, is the unpredictability of the inventions in the field of technology. Even with AI lacking the power to replace information analysis, we could see something brand new come to life next year and completely revamp the market. Regardless, there is nothing that currently carries the power to uproot data science.

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