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10 Data Science Conferences in 2020


10 Conferences for Data Scientists in 2020

  • Rev Data Science Leaders Summit
  • 10 Times Data Science Conference
  • The Data Science Conference
  • Open Data Science Conference
  • Global Big Data Conference
  • The Deep Learning Summit
  • Data Business Congress
  • Data Science Salon
  • Global Women in Data Science
  • AI World Conference

Data science is a field that is growing in both popularity and importance. The world is driven by artificial intelligence, and its influence is dynamic. Attending conferences such as these 10 events is one of the best and most exciting ways to stay current in the field, pick up new skills, and network with other data scientists.

1. Rev Data Science Leaders Summit

The Rev Data Science Leaders Summit is an annual gathering hosted by data scientists for data scientists. This incredible event combines learning and networking in three specific tracks tailored to data scientists at different points in their careers. The Leadership track is geared towards senior data scientists currently managing their own teams. The Practitioners track is ideal for those who code on a daily basis and are looking to expand their careers. The Case Studies track is where new or future data scientists can come to learn from the stories of experts. The 2020 event dates and locations are still to be announced but check out information 2019 event on May 23rd and 24th in New York City to start preparing for next year.


As of now, the Rev Data Science Leaders Summit has been postponed due to COVID-19 concerns. Slated to now take place at the Hyatt Regency Austin in Austin, Texas, the event is on hold until sometime in the spring of 2021 with a firm date to be announced soon. Those interested in inquiring more about the coming event are encouraged to email the event’s administrators at

2. 10 Times Data Science Conference

The 10 Times Data Science Conference is a dream come true for data scientists seeking a meeting of the minds without all of the extras typical of traditional conferences. This annual event is a collaboration opportunity for professionals across the country and the field to present their work, speak about current topics, and pose important industry questions. This is a great opportunity to engage in stimulating conversations, contribute to the growth of the field, and form professional connections. The 2020 event is set to take place in Chicago on May 14th and 15th.


Due to concerns for the current COVID-19 pandemic, 10 Times has recently announced the tentative push-back of this conference to April 22 and April 23. The location in Chicago, Illinois, so far, remains unchanged. According to 10 Times administration, this date could change once more depending on the status of the COVID-19 pandemic closer to the rescheduled date. Anyone interested in inquiring further about the event or its reschedule status are instructed to email the organization’s administrative office at

3. The Data Science Conference


Another event where you will find speakers without vendors, recruiters, or sponsors is The Data Science Conference. Each event hosts a wide variety of professional speakers from a wide variety of institutions and companies, who are there only to share their testimonials and offer insight. There are plenty of opportunities for networking with other professionals around a variety of data science topics. After the May 2019 event in Boston, information will be released about the date and location of the 2010 event.


As a precaution due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, The Data Science Conference made several, recent changes to its conference schedule. Rather than holding just one, central event, the organization split this conference into two portions.

The first of the two is set to take place fully online October 8th and 9th. The follow-up portion of the conference will tentatively take place, in-person, April 22 and 23 in Chicago, Illinois. For a break-down of prices and registration information, those interested should visit To inquire more about the coming events, the organization’s contact point is via email at

4. Open Data Science Conference

Those seeking a global perspective might consider attending an Open Data Science Conference. These events are hosted throughout the year and across the world. The purpose of these conferences is to bring together data scientists and data science companies from many nations and discuss the future of artificial intelligence. They are still wrapping up their 2019 season, with events in San Francisco, London, and Bengaluru, India. The 2020 event dates and locations will be released soon.


Due to concerns for the current COVID-19 pandemic, the Open Data Science Conference has been rescheduled to a fully virtual series of events. For the ODSC West Virtual Conference, the running dates are October 27-30. For the ODSC APAC Conference, the running dates are December 8-9. For those interested in future conferences, 2021’s events are, so far, scheduled to take place in-person with the first of these slated for March 30 – April 1 in Boston, Massachusetts. More information can be sought by inquiring directly with the organization via email at

5. Global Big Data Conference

A newer event that has gained popularity over its first six years is the Big Global Data Conference. This event includes exciting keynote presentations by big names in the industry, over a hundred speakers addressing special topics and presenting their work, and workshops allowing attendees to test their new knowledge and explore ideas for their own practice. These events provide many networking opportunities, as well. The 2019 annual conference is taking place in Boston, and information about the 2020 conference will be released soon.


Due to concerns for the current COVID-19 pandemic, the Global Big Data Conference for 2020 has been rescheduled to a virtual event only. This event takes place October 20-22. Until further notice, the next event is scheduled to take place in-person in Santa Clara, California from January 21-23 of 2021. For more information on either event, the organization can be reached directly by email at

6. The Deep Learning Summit

The Deep Learning Summit is a leading, annual data science conference geared toward coverage of the latest advancements in data science with a more recent focus on data science applications in artificial intelligence. Many, important topics are slated to be covered including those of speech recognition technology, neural networking, machine learning, deep learning algorithms, and autonomous vehicle technology among others. Participating companies will include Google, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, LG, and Nike. Tickets for the 2020 event range in price from $695 to $1,995 with the conference taking place January 30-31 in San Francisco, California.


Due to concerns for the current COVID-19 pandemic, the organization’s upcoming events are scheduled for virtual attendance only. As such, the Deep Learning 2.0 Virtual Summit is scheduled to take place online only on January 28-29, 2021. For more information on this event or any others by the organization, inquiries can be sent by email via the organization’s Contact Us page.

7. Data Business Congress

The annual Data Business Congress is hosted by IAM and Global Data Review and sponsored by a solid lineup of organizations including Microsoft, HTS, and Ankura. For 2020, there will be many topics of focus, but the main event theme is listed as “Building a world class data management and exploitation strategy.” Key note speakers will include Carolin Seward, the Vice President and General Manager of the Data Centre Solutions Group of Intel, and Jule Sigall, Associate General Counsel of the Open Innovation Team and IP Group of Microsoft. Ticket prices hold firm at $995 per person with the event taking place February 3-4 in San Jose, California.


Further events have yet to be scheduled by these hosting partners. Those seeking further information are directed to contact the hosting event group by filling out the Contact Us form located at the event webpage.

8. Data Science Salon

The Data Science Salon is the premier event series of the Data Science Salon organization. The overall theme of this year’s event is “Applying machine learning and AI to finance, healthcare, and technology” with the secondary goal of covering a wide array of data science topics within and outside of this theme. The event is also split into two, separate focus tracks with one focused on use-case topics and the other on strictly technical matters in the industry. A gender-balanced pro speaker list also headlines this event slated to take place in Austin, Texas on February 18 and 19, 2020.


Due to precautions for the current COVID-19 pandemic, future events by the Data Science Salon have yet to be scheduled. To inquire further, the DSS can be contacted directly via the organization’s website.

9. Global Women in Data Science

As its name suggests, the Global Women in Data Science is conference uniquely curtailed to the industry’s many women workers. Numerous themes and topics are covered in this event with all being focused on female participation and excelling in key data science matters today. This year’s sponsors include big names such as Facebook, Walmart, Google, IBM, and Microsoft, and key speakers will include Been Kim, research scientist with Google Brain, Nhung Ho, director of data science for Intuit, and Ya Xu, LinkedIn’s head of data science. Ticket prices range from $50 to $400, and the event is scheduled to take place at Stanford University on March 2nd.



Due to concern for the current COVID-19 pandemic, all future events are tentatively being planned for online-only participation. This includes the next scheduled event on March 8, 2021. For those interested in learning more, conference administration can be reached directly via the designated Contact webpage.

10. AI World Conference

Finally, the AI World Conference is yet one more, excellent opportunity for anyone interested to attend a world-class data science conference loaded with plenty of info and networking opportunities alike. This particular conference covers a whole range of emerging topics to the industry and features a formidable lineup of key note speakers including Jon Stanesby, director of production strategy at Oracle, Sue Daly, associate director of TechUK, and Wayne Speechly, vice of digital transformation at NTT. Prices for this event range from $635 to $1732, and it takes place March 24 and 25 in London, England.


Due to concern for the current COVID-19 pandemic, upcoming activities hosted by the AI World Conference will be set for online events only. This includes the upcoming AI World Conference slated for May 13 and 14, 2021. Further inquiry can be directed to the conference’s administration at

Similar Types of Conferences


The world of data science is a large and growing realm of learning and discovery that is intertwined with many, other, tech-based disciplines today. Many who work in or otherwise have a great interest in data science not only keep current with data science conferences but also with numerous, other types of conferences important to the growing tech industry. The following types of conferences are among those closely related to the data science world which may also hold a particular interest to the reader.

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Coding
  • Technology
  • Computer Technology
  • Machine Learning
  • Technology Ethics
  • Information Technology

Related Resources

In addition to the hosting entities associated with the above-mentioned conferences, there are numerous, important professional organizations devoted to the data science industry. The following organizations are among the leading, representative professional associations devoted to the cause.

The Data Science Association

The Data Science Association represents the greater field of data science via a large network of member participants and their established pool of resources. Some of the stated mission goals of this group include standard-setting in the ethics side of data science, the advancement of the science and its core values, and the assurance of participating data scientist competency. The organization also hosts an extensive database of educational resources, events, books, and more.

The Association of Data Scientists

The Association of Data Scientists is another, leading organization that represents the greater field of data science and its workforce. Here, anyone can inquire about a wide range of data science subjects, emerging news and views, and more. Membership to the organization provides even more, helpful perks such as access to fellow experts in the data science network, exclusive resources and professional guidance, special access to various events and offers, and more.

There is no more enjoyable way to achieve professional development than through attending data science conferences such as these 10, great options. Each of these events is slightly unique to accommodate different professional interests. They all share the common goal of bringing together data scientists from all corners of the world to grow their individual careers and the field as a whole.

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