What Careers are Opened up by a Ph.D. in Data Science?

careers with phd in data science

Those considering a career in the data science field may ask what careers are opened up by a Ph.D in data science? A doctoral degree in data science is the highest level of education in the field. It is a research-based degree that provides students with a deep understanding of data analysis, statistics, programming, and other related issues in the field. Students learn how to conduct their own research in specific areas and gain an understanding of various methodologies and why certain ones are used. A Ph.D. in data sciences opens the door to a variety of upper level careers, including Senior Data Scientist, Director of Data Science, and Chief Data Officer.

Senior Data Scientist

A senior data scientist is an upper-level professional who supervises the activities of junior data scientists and other professionals. He or she makes sure other professionals are working effectively and the data scientist department is using the best and most effective processes and methods for statistical analysis. A senior data scientist provides advanced know-how on mathematical and statistical concepts and often incorporates advanced data science principles into the organization. A senior data scientist assists a business in continuing its path in operating as innovative entity driven by data and analytics. He or she also supports stakeholders through quantitative evaluation and applying the necessary advanced analytics for the key objectives on the organization. The average salary for a senior data scientist is around $125,000 per year. In general, a senior data scientist must have at least five years work experience.

Director of Data Science

A director of data science leads an entire team in the data science field, including data engineers and data scientists. He or she ensures the effective operation of the data science department and develops the vision and culture of the team and the environment. He or she establishes the human resources policies, hiring standards, training and competency development, and work standards. A director of data science creates programs to improve the overall performance of the department and boost revenue growth and achievement of overall objectives of the organization. He or she also leads the departments collaboration with business stakeholders and executives to improve existing data management methods and develop new approaches. A director of data science typically needs at least 10 years of experience in data science. The average salary for a director of data science is around $160,000 per year.

Chief Data Officer

A chief data officer is a part of the executive team of an entity and he or she plays a major role in the business-wide decision making and creating strategies for operation. He or she supervises the collection, management, and storage of data across an entire organization. He or she evaluates and develops insights from data to establish effective business strategies that generate growth and profitability, improve data structures, and ensure efficient processes of data. He or she oversees the development of new data analytics capabilities across the organization and runs on going processes. He or she also regulates how the organization identifies, maintains, and presents data and information on a higher level to assess performance. CIO magazine explains how a chief data officer must have more than 10 years of experience as a senior data professional. The average salary for a chief data officer is around $180,000 per year.

Data science is a widespread field that ensures the smooth operation of a variety of businesses and organizations. A wide variety of professionals are necessary to make sure entities have effective data science departments. A senior data scientist, director of data science, and chief data officer are excellent options to what careers are opened by a Ph.D. in data science.

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