How Does Data Science Help the World?

data science helps the world

Data science is an extremely important career. Analyzing various forms of data can assist with all kinds of business. This profession might be new to many people who haven’t heard of it before, but the job of a data scientist has been around for a number of years now and there are many job opportunities being filled each day all across the United States. There are also various programs at a number of universities that provide degrees relating to data science. There have been some recent debates about data though. Many online sites are collecting internet data and people are not happy about it. Is it an invasion of privacy? Or is this what you are signing up for? These are interesting questions that have debatable answers. It is important to look at the positive side of things though. Data science can actually help the world we are living in. Let’s take a closer look at how this might be.

Suicide Prevention

These days, the rate of suicide among Americans has gone up and continues to go up. There are crisis phone numbers that a person can call for help if they are thinking about suicide or harming themselves. However, because so many Americans are using text messages as a primary form of communication, these organizations have expanded to use texting as a way to reach people in the way they feel comfortable. There is a group called the Crisis Text Line and they utilize text messages when they are put in contact with teenagers that are being bullied, are depressed, suicidal, etc. Data is used in their company to figure out when texting is at its highest for their team. They also figure out ways to make interfaces easier and more beneficial for the counselors that are helping. Millions of text messages can be sent in just minutes thanks to data science. This one service has saved so many lives over the years.


Through the organization DataKind, data scientists are asked to partake in some great data challenges that are faced by non-profit companies in the U.S. This volunteer opportunity provides a great way to give back using the skills and talents that you have as someone who understands data well. Projects vary and include opportunities such as gathering data about food consumption for food crises in countries like Kenya. Just think, instead of just sitting at your desk each day and hacking away at the data your boss has given you, you can help make life better for starving children in third world countries.

While data can sometimes be under scrutiny from Americans, it can be beneficial to look at it from a positive standpoint. Data science can actually be very beneficial to our world, and making everything safer and a better place is something we all want. Rallying data scientists from all over the world, to help people in their everyday lives to be healthier and happier. As shared by the Huffington Post, the techniques and methods of data science have even helped preserve democracies. That’s what data science might truly be about. The controversy of data science is another side of the story and shouldn’t necessarily put a negative label on data science as a career. While the debate surrounding some of the more questionable aspects of data mining and the use of data is necessary, it does not paint a whole picture of what data can be ultimately used for. There is a great breadth of opportunities for data science to be used for good.

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