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Data Science Degrees Offered at Brandeis University

Brandeis University appears in our ranking of the Top 10 Online Master’s in Bioinformatics.

Brandeis University offers a Master of Arts in Data Analytics, Master of Science in Business Analytics, Master of Science in Strategic Analytics, Master of Science in Bioinformatics, and Master of Science in Health and Medical Informatics.

The Master of Arts in Data Analytics prepares students to study and make business, finance, and economic decisions as they develop complex technical analysis abilities in data science. The concentration requires the completion of at least 20 credits. The courses include Analyzing Big Data, Python and its Application to Business Analytics, Marketing Analytics, Business Dynamics, Machine Learning and Data Analysis for Business and Finance, Analyzing Big Data, Computer Simulation and Risk Analysis, Consulting Project in Data Analytics, and Applications of System Dynamics.

The Master of Science in Business Analytics focuses on the needed skills in data-intensive, high-demand fields. Students learn to transform data into actionable understanding for firms competing in today’s global marketplace. Students must complete at least 41 credit hours. The courses include Big Data, Information Visualization, Marketing Analytics, Business Dynamics, Machine Learning and Data Analysis for Business and Finance, Python and its Application to Business Analytics, Internship, Field Project, and Directed Research.

The Master of Science in Strategic Analytics is an entirely online program that provides students with an understanding of the art and science of data. Students master the technical and strategic skills needed to transform data analytics into insightful, data-backed stories to impact decisions. The program requires the completion of 30 credits. The courses include Foundations of Data Science and Analytics, Business Intelligence, Analytics and Strategic Decision Making, Statistics and Data Analysis, Predictive Analytics, Data Quality and Governance, and Analytics Strategy and Management.

The Master of Science in Bioinformatics is a completely online program that teaches students how to process, store, evaluate, and model large amounts of biological data from various sources. A total of 30 credit hours are needed for completion of the degree. The courses include Bioinformatics Scripting and Databases with Python, Molecular Biology, Genetics and Disease, Biological Sequence Analysis, Biomedical Statistics with R, Mathematical Modeling for Bioinformatics, and Molecular Profiling and Biomarker Discovery.

The Master of Science in Health and Medical Informatics is an online program that prepares students to improve the outcomes of healthcare practices. Students learn how to create and implement IT data solutions and manage projects that impart change on quality processes to meet the standards of the industry. A total of 30 credit hours are needed to complete the program. The required courses include Health Data and Electronic Health Records, Health/Medical Information Systems Security, Data Analytics and Decision Support for Health Informatics, Legal Issues in Health and Medical Informatics, Clinical Business Issues in Health Informatics, and Foundations of Project Management.

About Brandeis University

Brandeis University is a private research institution located in Waltham, Massachusetts. It was founded in 1948 by the American Jewish community. In 1959, the university opened the Heller School for Social Policy and Management, which was the first school of its kind. In 1985, the university became a member of the Association of American Universities. Today, Brandeis University is home to nearly 6,000 students on its 235-acre campus. It runs on the semester-based academic calendar.

Brandeis University is dedicated to high-quality education and advancement of the arts, humanities, social, and natural and physical sciences. It offers more than 43 majors through the School of Arts and Sciences. The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences offers 40 master’s degrees and 17 doctoral programs. Four graduate business programs are available through Brandeis International Business School. Heller School for Social Policy and Management offers master’s and doctoral degrees that focus on the creation and implementation of policy. The most popular majors at Brandeis University include business, economics, biology, computer science, and psychology. The student to faculty ratio is 10 to one. About 57 percent of classes have less than 20 students.

Brandeis University Accreditation Details

The New England Commission of Higher Education regionally accredits Brandeis University to grant bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees.

Brandeis University Application Requirements

Brandeis University is characterized as a selective institution of higher learning, with a 31 percent acceptance rate. The following materials are needed to apply to Brandeis University:


  • Common Application
  • Official high school transcript
  • Official transcripts from all previous colleges and universities
  • Official scores from SAT or ACT examinations
  • Letter of recommendation from a teacher
  • School Report and a letter of recommendation from a secondary school official
  • A College Official’s Report from all colleges and universities
  • Mid-Term Report
  • $80 nonrefundable application fee


  • Graduate Application
  • Official transcripts from all previous colleges and universities
  • Official graduate-level standardized test scores, such as the GMAT, GRE, MAT
  • $75 nonrefundable application fee
  • Additional requirements for specific programs

Tuition and Financial Aid



  • Full-time students (12-18 credit hours): $55,340 per year


  • Full-time students: $12,452 to $77,910 per year depending on specific program
  • Average cost per credit: $1,179

Financial Aid


  • Brandeis-Sponsored Merit Scholarships
  • Brandeis Achievement Award
  • Dean’s Award
  • Honor Grant
  • Presidential Scholarship
  • Trustee Scholarship
  • Brandeis-Sponsored National Merit Scholarship
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Scholarship
  • Giumette Academic Achievement Award


  • Federal Pell Grant
  • Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG)
  • Gilbert Grant


  • Federal Subsidized Direct Loan
  • Federal Unsubsidized Direct Loan
  • Federal PLUS Loan
  • Federal Graduate PLUS Loan
  • Federal Perkins Loan

Federal Work-Study

The Federal Work-Study program is a federal program available for students who show significant financial need. Students who qualify are able to work part-time, up to 20 hours per week, while taking classes. They make at least the current federal minimum wage, but actual pay varies on each situation.

Degrees in data science and related areas provide students with a well-rounded understanding of various types of data, statistical software, and forecasting methods. Graduates are prepared to pursue various roles that call for evaluating, storing, and managing data. The data degrees offered by Brandeis University prepare students for an array of jobs, including data analysts, data architects, project consultants, IT managers, marketing consultants, and business intelligence functional managers.

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