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Five Government Agencies Hiring Data Scientists

  • CIA
  • FBI
  • NASA
  • NOAA
  • United States Census Bureau

Data science is a global and rapidly growing industry. From nursing and public health to marketing and law enforcement, data science has infiltrated every industry – resulting in a tremendous demand for well-trained data scientists.

Forbes shares how government agencies frequently hire data scientists for a wide variety of job functions. Here are five government agencies that hire data scientists.

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  1. CIA

    The Central Intelligence Agency is one of the most challenging government agencies to work for, but provides data scientists ample opportunity to shape the outcome of local, national, and global events. From political stability analysis to terrorism prevention, data scientists working at the CIA are presented with significant challenges in their day to day duties, and must often work quickly to analyze data and issue findings to make recommendations to other agencies, including other law enforcement agencies. The CIA offers generous compensation and benefits, including a government pension.

  2. FBI

    Data scientists working for the Federal Bureau of Investigation are presented with tremendous and often highly challenging opportunities to utilize their skills. Data scientists working in law enforcement analyze and quantify large amounts of data on everything from white collar crime to child kidnapping rings. As with most government agencies, data scientists working with and for the FBI are well-compensated, and typically given excellent benefits and pension options.

  3. NASA

    An excellent choice for data scientists with a passion for the physical sciences, NASA employs data scientists who work with data on a wide variety of projects. In addition to astronomy-based work, NASA also compiles and analyzes atmospheric, oceanographic, and forestry data. Data scientists working for NASA may also analyze data relating to technological projects and programming.

  4. NOAA

    The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration compiles and analyzes data on weather, water, and atmospheric systems worldwide. Data scientists are critical to NOAA’s work, which also makes recommendations to national and global government agencies on disaster and famine prevention due to weather systems and climate change.

    The NOAA is an excellent choice for data scientists who are interested in applying data science to earth and physical science topics and problems, and who are interested in making a global impact in the age of climate change.

  5. United States Census Bureau

    The United States Census Bureau compiles and assesses data not only on the number of people living in the United States, but on population density, population problems based on density or sparsity, and makes recommendations to agencies funding public programs and services for budgets. The Census Bureau’s data is key to funding schools, water systems, and sanitation, infrastructure and road maintenance, and public universities via tax revenue at the local, state, and national levels.

    For data scientists interested in sociology, anthropology, and other social science fields – and for those interested in making a positive impact on the lives of everyday nationals – the Census Bureau offers ample opportunity to apply data science to these arenas.

Government agencies offer a myriad array of work opportunities to data scientists. Data analysis fuels a tremendous variety of government projects, from food subsidies and housing assistance to agriculture and space discovery. As the field of data science continues to grow, so too will the importance of having data scientists on government payrolls – resulting in excellent government-based employment opportunities to those working in data science.

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