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Do Data Scientists Work From Home?


Certain people just seem to have the knack for numbers and analyzing data. A whole slew of code or data immediately makes sense to them and they see patterns and information. Other people don’t understand this type of work quite so easily. A data scientist is a very interesting profession. This position requires a person to analyze digital data and interpret what is going on within that data. One such type of data would be the statistics of a website, regarding its usage. This information can be very valuable from a business perspective. It can help with important decision making whether it be financial decisions, marketing plans, etc. You might be interested in this field of work but are curious to find out if a data scientist has the ability to work from home. This is a perk that many professionals enjoy whether it be one or two days a week they can stay at home, or they work full time from their home office and periodically check in with their supervisor when necessary. Let’s take a look at the job of a data scientist and how it can be done from home.


The great thing about working from home is that you have a lot of flexibility to get your job done, for the most part. As a data scientist, you might have deadlines that you need to meet, but your work can get done when it is convenient for you. Some people prefer to work later in the day and stay up late while others are early birds and prefer to get everything done before lunchtime. Depending on what your company has communicated they want from you, you have a good deal of flexibility to work with regarding your work hours. You can even head out and work from a local café or library if you need a change of scene and some quiet.

Technical Aspect

Working from home usually requires a bit more than just an internet connection. You need to be able to access your work information and sometimes, security can be an issue. You can use something like a VPN or credentials to get your job done. You aren’t expected to work from home and if you cannot gain access on any given day, you may be heading into the office to get your work done.

Entry Level

If you are new to the field of data science or you have just started out at a new company, your supervisors might not be comfortable with having you work from home full time. They may allow you to work from home starting out just a day or two each week and then you can work your way up. This is simply to build trust with your management so they believe you will be working on what you are supposed to do rather than goofing off. Most people who have been working in the field for a number of years can work from home because essentially, all it takes is a laptop computer or a good home office.

Data science can be a collaborate effort but many times, you are required to simply get your portion of the work done and then you must wait for others to get done as well. However, if you are working on something that doesn’t need active participation from someone else, you have the freedom as a data scientist to work from home as long as your company allows it. When Harvard Business Review called data science “the sexiest job of the 21st Century”, they may not have realized that it is, in fact, a job that can sometimes be done at home, in pajamas.

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