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5 Types of People Who Should Study Data Science


Reasons Why Professionals Choose Degrees in Data Science

  • Interest in Machine Learning
  • Seeking Job Stability
  • Priority on Career Flexibility
  • Startup and Business Goals
  • Developing Data-Driven Marketing

It’s easy to imagine data scientists as glorified number crunchers or specialized programmers, but there are actually many different kinds of people that study this field. Data science has groundbreaking applications in almost every industry. It has reshaped the way that business leaders analyze and evaluate their key metrics by providing better quantity and quality of information. While there are plenty of great career opportunities for actual data scientists, the knowledge and skills related to the profession are useful for achieving other goals as well.


1. Interest in Machine Learning

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are among the many emerging technologies that have captured the imagination of both the public and scientific communities. Teaching machines to learn through complex algorithms and structured data input could completely transform business strategy. Some people also pursue their interest in data science so they can participate in research and development for these technologies.

2. Seeking Job Stability

For many students, the potential for a strong salary and stable employment are key considerations when selecting a degree. This is one of the key reasons driving current interest in data science degrees, as demand for qualified professionals has been increasing at a rapid rate in recent years. In fact, many major corporations in the United States have grown their number of data workers exponentially over the last decade, according to Forbes.

3. Priority on Career Flexibility

Another defining feature of the data science skill-set is the incredible versatility it can offer to practitioners. People who want a large degree of freedom in choosing the location or type of job can often satisfy these objectives in data science professions. Large corporations, government agencies, educational institutions and many other kinds of organizations across the country need data scientists to help leverage their increasing stockpile of information.

4. Startup and Business Goals

The abilities and knowledge gained through education and experience in data science can be invaluable for entrepreneurs. People who are interested in starting a business, especially those that rely on the internet, have many opportunities to apply these skills. Learning how to collect, curate and analyze data to provide useful and actionable information can make the difference between success and failure for founders of a startup.

5. Developing Data-Driven Marketing

There are plenty of different applications for data science in the business world, but marketing professionals are among those with the most to gain upfront. People who want to quantify and predict consumer behavior can leverage data science to their advantage. This makes it an appealing, and perhaps a necessary choice for people who want to add a modern edge to their marketing arsenal.

Choosing a profession isn’t just about the career potential, prestige or opportunity for development, although all of these things are certainly important. Students should also consider how their degree program will help them achieve their personal ambitions and life goals. With this in mind, it’s easy to see how so many different types of people pursue studies in data science as part of their academic plan.

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