What Kind of Computer Do I Need to Study Data Science Online?

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When students pursuing a degree in Data Science ask, “What kind of Computer do I Need to Study Data Science Online?” they are actually asking, “What are the capabilities demanded of a computer in the Data Science workplace?” Though every computer manufacturer has their product, it is what is inside that determines the quality of performance—and Data Science majors need the highest quality performance they can find, especially when taking the degree online.

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Data Science Courses

The college-level courses involved in any Data Science Degree require intense and quick computer performance. To gain a Data Science degree, a student explores a fluid path through several disciplines to come to an understanding of how business and government work, the architecture of the computer, various computer languages, and the use of algorithms to extrapolate information along a pathway of their invention. The degree demands expertise in fundamental aspects of computer science. High mathematics, physics, and communication programs are used by online students to accomplish their tasks. A successful student also gains the ability to present data in a visual context to demonstrate the findings of search mechanisms in an understandable presentation.

On the Job

Glassdoor named the role of the Data Scientist as the best job in America, based on employee work satisfaction and wage expectation. To become a competent Data Scientist during your school years, you should investigate obtaining the same level of equipment that businesses and the Federal Government utilize in job environments. Both of these entities have extensive catalogs of files full of data available for organization and extrapolation based on the question put forward by the Data Scientist. Working with a similar quality computer during school classes as you find on the job prepares you to immediately access and manipulate the algorithms and architecture of the units.

What Should be the Capabilities of the Computer?

Based on the tasks your computer will be given, the computer needs to be quick, powerful, and capable of multitasking. To get that quality of performance, you need to look for these parameters. The speed of your computer should be at least 2.40 GHz, though a faster processor is desirable if you can find one. Your minimum RAM is 8GB. The RAM stores recently used programs and files to allow your computer to switch between programs easily and with speed. Your Hard Drive must be at least 1TB. Anything less will not allow you to hold and manipulate the necessary applications for Data Science classes and store data while working. The minimum Graphics card needs to handle 1GB. Most schools are Windows compatible, though the OS systems are now adaptable to the Windows application. A Windows 10 Pro with 64-bit encryption is your best bet for online compatibility.

Making the Connection

With the demands of the workplace for quick and accurate extrapolation of conclusions from immense data banks, a home computer that mirrors what is used in the workplace is an essential element of taking Data Science courses online. So, the question is not, “What kind of computer do I need to study Data Science?” the question is “What are the capabilities demanded of a computer in the Data Science workplace?” Discovering the minimum requirements for the workplace Data Science computer gives you all the information you need to purchase a home computer with familiar capabilities.

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