Five Careers in Data Science

data science careers

Data Science Careers

  • Economist
  • Market Researcher
  • Nurse
  • Climatologist
  • Real Estate Appraiser

Data science is a rapidly growing field – and with the vast majority of the world’s business and daily activities taking place online, the demand for trained data scientists is larger than ever, according to Forbes.

From customer service and marketing to machine learning and full stack engineering, the field of data science can be applied to a great many professions at every level, from entry to upper management. Here are five careers within data science.


Economists play an important role in sociopolitical structures and government, analyzing the mountains of data that comes with wealth measurement, inequalities, shortfalls, financial conservation, and wastage. Economists have roles in both the private in public sectors, especially in academics, research institutions, and government branches. For data scientists who are interested in economics, a double major or minor in economics can serve to assist them into getting into some of the best-paid jobs in economics – as the field of economics is more and more consistently demanding the skills and knowledge of data scientists.

Market Researcher

Data scientists who choose to enter the field of marketing will find some of the best-paying and most prestigious work in the field. Data science has become part and parcel to digital marketing research and practice – and with the majority of marketing taking place online via ad placement, social media, and content generation platforms, data scientists are finding themselves increasingly in demand in this field. While data scientists can enter the field of marketing with a straight degree in data science, a minor in marketing or psychology can help launch the data scientist straight into a stimulating career in marketing, typically with a good salary and benefits.


As the population grows, so, too, does the demand for qualified nurses. Where do data science and nursing collide? Frequently, nurses are responsible for collecting and disseminating patient and departmental data to a variety of recipients – from the CDC to their state’s hospital boards and the Department of Health. If you already have a degree in data science and the thought of nursing interests or excites you, consider taking another degree, such as an Associate’s in Nursing,  to enter the field in nursing and put both to work in a big way.

While nursing has become a popular career choice, there are still not enough nurses to fill the demand, making it very much an employee’s market when it comes to negotiating a great salary and benefits package.


Climate change has become a significant concern for the entire planet, and climatologists have an important role to play in both predicting managing current climatic events and future climatic crises. Climatologists can help to determine the prevalence of certain long-term weather patterns, such as droughts, storms, tsunamis, and other climatic events with significant impact on species survival. Climatology has become particularly important to government in the current era, as accurate predictions of weather and environmental patterns or events can help inform the creation and maintenance of emergency budgets and assistance programs for those experiencing natural disasters.

Real Estate Appraiser

The real estate market is a consistently changing one, and the skills of the data scientist are invaluable when predicting the rise and fall of property values and rents and determining the overall value of certain properties. Real estate is generally a highly-paid field, and data scientists may find themselves much in demand from real estate agencies, particularly if they opt to undertake real estate certification.


The field of data science is a dynamic one and a degree in data science can lead to a satisfying career in a great many fields.

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