Five of the Largest Companies that Employ Data Scientists

Top Five Companies Hiring Data Scientists

  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Microsoft
  • LinkedIn
  • PayPal

Data science is one of the top new research fields to emerge from the technology industry, and many college students and recent graduates want to know which companies are looking for new employees. As machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence become increasingly important, data scientists will be in greater demand at companies throughout the technology industry. From software makers to payment processors, the types of companies in need of data scientists are varied and growing. With expertise in this important new field, anyone can pursue a high-paying and rewarding career in the tech sector. The following companies employ the largest number of data scientists in the country.

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1. Facebook

Facebook is one of the largest employers of data scientists in the world. It’s a giant international tech company with ongoing plans to develop new types of software technology. Data science professionals can pursue jobs on Facebook’s research teams working on new projects and helping to create algorithms that make social media smarter and more effective. Facebook is the parent company of Instagram, and data scientists working for Facebook can also be involved in projects related to Instagram. Facebook owns the virtual reality company Oculus, as well, and it is constantly involved in research and development projects that could eventually turn into new startup businesses.

2. Google

The technology giant Google is constantly on the lookout for skilled data scientists. Google has expanded into many new domains over the decades it has been in business. Engineers working for the company have created the Google AI project, formerly known as Google Research. According to Google AI, open data science projects range from the development of robotic hand-eye coordination to large-scale evolution of image classifiers. The projects are cutting-edge and likely to contribute to important advances in AI and robotic technology. They could eventually become commercial projects through the Google Cloud Platform suite of online services.

3. Microsoft

Microsoft is one of the oldest technology companies that is still creating mass consumer products and developing new technology for desktop, mobile, and cloud-based applications. Data scientists can pursue jobs on the research and development teams of Microsoft’s artificial intelligence projects. Many data scientists are needed to contribute to the development of Microsoft’s Bing search engine. Microsoft also needs data scientists to help develop the technology it uses for video games and virtual reality software.

4. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social media platform for working professionals. It has one of the largest user bases of any social media platform on the Internet. As with other social media companies, data scientists are needed by LinkedIn to help develop artificial intelligence algorithms that make the user experience more enjoyable. Employees of LinkedIn can expect high salaries that are very competitive with offers from other employers in the industry.

5. PayPal

PayPal has been around since 1998, and over the decades, it has revolutionized the online payment industry with powerful technology, reliable software and convenient accessibility. The company relies on data scientists to discover patterns in user data and help make its service more useful and effective. It’s one of the largest employers of data scientists in the industry. PayPal employees enjoy excellent job security and benefits similar to other Silicon Valley positions.

Billions of people use computers every day, and technology companies need to mine the information left behind by their users for clues about how to improve their products and services. Data scientists can help to make software smarter and more beneficial to the people who rely on it for professional and social interactions.