Five Major Data Science Firms in the U.S.

major data science firms

U.S. Companies Conducting Data Science Research

  • Zoox
  • Dataminr
  • BloomReach
  • Sentient Technologies
  • InsideSales

Data science is one of the newest and most promising fields of research in the world of computer science. Data scientists use advanced technology and mathematical theories to gather information from patterns found in caches of data. The information can be collected from user activity on social platforms and Web browsers, or it can be obtained from proprietary sources within the companies funding the research. The top five companies conducting data science research in the U.S. are relatively unknown outside of the tech industry, but they are making progress toward futuristic goals that will revolutionize the way average people live their lives.

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With a valuation of around $290 million, the robot taxi company Zoox is one of the largest employers of data scientists in the country. It’s based in Silicon Valley, California, but its founder, Tim Kentley-Klay, is an Australian native and a professional outsider in the competitive business of autonomous car manufacturing. The company has raised over $3 billion from investors to develop a new type of self-driving car that looks completely different than a standard automobile and operates in a totally new way. Zoox executives expect the new technology to be in common use within a decade.


Dataminr is a real-time information discovery company used by news organizations to learn about breaking stories as they are taking place. The company was founded in 2009 and is based in New York, NY. It’s worth approximately $183 million and employs a large team of data scientists who are responsible for programming data discovery algorithms so that they provide consistent, reliable information as it becomes available. According to Crunchbase, breaking news stories are discovered through various types of data, including text messages, social media postings, Web searches, and emergency communications.


Founded in 1999, BloomReach is one of the largest providers of cloud-based Web analytics for companies in all types of industries. The firm’s clients include retailers such as Neiman Marcus, Staples, Forever 21, Williams Sonoma and Met Office. BloomReach employs data scientists to design and maintain its sophisticated suite of analytics applications. The services provided by BloomReach help businesses anticipate the shifting tastes and demands of their customers so that they can successfully develop new products in response.

Sentient Technologies

When it comes to artificial intelligence research, no company has greater ambition or more funding than Sentient Technologies, a firm valued at around $135 million and based in San Francisco, CA. The data scientists employed by Sentient Technologies are responsible for testing and developing new AI algorithms and approaches to data discovery. The software developed by Sentient Technologies is designed to respond to trends and patterns in the data provided by users of e-commerce and e-trading platforms.


InsideSales is a software-as-a-service platform for businesses that wish to accelerate their sales using cutting-edge artificial intelligence and data science algorithms. The Web-based platform enables users to create custom sales pipelines with sophisticated data mining technology. The software is designed to detect selling opportunities that can’t easily be perceived by humans interacting directly with potential leads. The company is worth approximately $251 million and is based in Provo, UT.


From artificial intelligence to e-commerce, the possibilities created by modern data science are exciting and fascinating. The top data science firms in the U.S. are constantly in need of talented professionals with knowledge about data discovery and algorithm design.

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