Fairfield University

Fairfield University

Located in Fairfield, Connecticut, Fairfield University, founded by the society of Jesus, is an institution of higher learning. The Catholic coeducation institution was founded in 1942. Since 1951 the university has awarded thousands of graduate and post-graduate degrees and this has helped it develop a reputation for academic excellence. The university offers more than 40 graduate programs across all its schools.

The College of Arts & Sciences school at the university had initially admitted a batch of 303 undergraduate male students and this has grown to more than 5,000 students in different undergraduate and graduate programs.

The various schools of the University include Charles F. Dolan School of Business, The Marion Peckham Egan School of Nursing & Health Studies, School of Engineering, College of Arts & Sciences, and Graduate School of Education & Allied Professions.

The College of Arts & Sciences offers five graduate programs across disciplines such as Creative Writing, American Studies, Communication, Public Administration, and Mathematics.

The Charles F. Dolan School of Business offers M.B.A, M.S. Business Analytics, M.S. Finance and M.S. Accounting. The School of Engineering offers graduate degree programs, as well as graduate certificate programs in many speciality areas.

Degree programs, certificate programs, online courses, evening courses, courses for credit visiting students and visiting high school students are offered at Fairfield.

Fairfield University Accreditation Details

Fairfield University is fully accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges. The association accredits all schools and colleges in New England.

Accreditation by any one of the regional accrediting associations indicate that the schools and colleges have been carefully evaluated and they meet the standards that have been specified by the qualified educators. The university has been accredited by five agencies – one institutional and four specialized accreditations.

Fairfield University Application Requirements

Fairfield University admits students without discrimination of any sex, color, race, sexual orientation, religion, gender identity, handicap, and national and ethnic origin. The admission process is holistic, and Fairfield recognizes the Common Application as its own application form. The application form can be submitted on paper or electronically. The submission of SAT/ACT test results are optional.

The first-year students need to submit completed common admission, official secondary school transcript, secondary school report form completed by the college counselor, personal statement (common application essay), $60 application fee or official fee waiver, SAT or ACT results (if you choose to submit them), TOEFL (if English is not the native language), and interview (optional) by the deadline.

The students can choose to submit their applications early under the Early Action Program. The early action admission is non-binding and students are given time to make their college selection.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Fairfield University is committed to every aspect of education, including helping students afford it. Nearly 85 percent of undergraduate students finance their education through a combination of scholarships, loans, grants, graduate assistantship, and work-study.

Many graduate students receive aid to finance their education. The university understands that every student has a different set of financial requirements and they work with them on a one-to-one basis, so that they can afford education at Fairfield.

The federal program offers graduate students $20,500 per academic year. The federal student loans depend on the educational cost and eligibility of the student. In addition to the federal loans several alternative credit-based loans are also available to students. The various loan programs available to students include Graduate Assistantships, Veterans, Tax Benefits, Education and Allied Professions Graduate Students.

The Graduate Assistantship is available to a limited number of full time and part time graduate students. The students need to provide a minimum of ten hours a week employment at the university to offset the tuition costs.

Students applying to the Graduate School of Nursing are eligible for scholarships that are specifically designed for nursing students. Financial aid is also available to part-time undergraduate students.

The Learning for a Lifetime Program awards Albert M. Loch Scholarship to graduate students. The scholarship is tuition for up to three credits. The graduates need to have a GPA of 3.5 or higher and must demonstrate financial need.

Students need to contact the Office of Financial Aid when applying for financial aid. New federal requirements require colleges to inform students about the prospect of gainful employment when they receive federal financial aid for non-degree programs.

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Business Analytics Degree at Fairfield University

The new Master of Science in Business Analytics is designed for professionals who want to analyse all data that is crucial to business success. The 30-credit program emphasizes on business intelligence and database management. This helps provide students with tools that they need for analyzing, collecting and interpreting information.

The required courses have 21 credits, and this includes IS 505 Python for Business Analytics, IS 510 Databases for Business Analytics, IS 540 Data Mining and Business Intelligence, OM 400 Principles of Business Analytics, OM 500 Business Model Optimization, QA 400 Applied Business Statistics, and QA 500 Business Forecasting and Predictive Analytics.

The elective courses have nine credits, and this includes IS 550 Business Analytics and Big Data Management, MK 520 Marketing Research, IS 520 Project Management, graduate-level math course, and up to three graduate courses (in a specific field of business).

The marketing analytics concentration within the M.S have nine credits, and this includes MK 400 Marketing Management, MK 580 Multivariate Data Analysis for Decision Making, MK 520 Marketing Research, MK 585 Contemporary Topics in Marketing- e.g., Retail Analytics, and MK 590 Experimental Research in Marketing.

What sets the M.S Business Analytics program apart in Fairfield is that it is affordable, flexible and convenient. The program has strong regional alumni network and is nationally ranked for excellence. The students have proximity to Fortune 500 companies and New York city.

The graduate degree programs put students on the right path to obtain their career goals. The programs available from Fairfield are highly regarded and accredited by respected organizations.

Fairfield University offers world class educational opportunities to students who enrol in any of its programs. The diverse education environment offered by Fairfield is the best in Connecticut.

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