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5 Careers for Data Analytics Grads

Five Great Job Options for Data Analytics Grads Today

  • Business Intelligence Developer
  • Data Analyst
  • Data Engineer
  • Data Scientist
  • Machine Learning Scientist

Data analytics is the discipline involved with being able to make sense of and draw conclusions from otherwise confusing pools of raw data. Graduates of this data science major have plenty to offer for certain, but where exactly are those talents best utilized? Here are five, great job options for today’s data analytics graduate.


1. Business Intelligence Developer

As this job’s title may suggest, the business intelligence developer works to make businesses operate more intelligently. They do this by analyzing large caches of assorted data types and then deciphering certain, important and otherwise hidden bits of information that the business can then use to benefit. It’s quite necessary to be very data-savvy for this role, and data analytics grads often fit the bill just right.

2. Data Analyst

Probably the most directly applicable job of all for data analytics graduates is that of the data analyst. Data analysts work with huge collections of raw data for any number of purposes for their employer companies. In most cases, this data is manipulated and organized in different ways so the analyst can then find answers to specific business strategy questions. Some companies also package additional responsibilities with the analyst role such as tracking web analytics and analyzing data test methods.

3. Data Engineer

Data engineers carry out the unique role of performing batch and real-time data processing on company data collections. Data scientists, discussed below, rely on these professionals to make data readable and organized to a basic extent. Data engineers also represent a rapidly growing vocation in many, diverse types of companies today.

4. Data Scientist

Data scientists often work closely in conjunction with many of the other professionals on this list but work more specifically on their own to identify, group, clean, and further organize large data pools of all kinds. One key skill in this role is that of being able to identify patterns in massive pools of data that correlate to usable, applicable information that a company truly needs. In fact, data scientists do much the same work as data analysts but typically at a much more complex and finite level.

5. Machine Learning Scientist

Investopedia gives us a good summation of machine learning as “the concept that a computer program can learn and adapt to new data without human interference.” This key area of artificial intelligence is the concern of the machine learning scientist. How can a machine be coded to learn on its own? How does a continual learning process like this affect memory necessities across the entire unit? Figure this all out and more as a machine learning scientist.

Data analytics is a great educational background to have today. These five, excellent job options represent just a sample of the rewards that can follow with a data analytics degree in hand. In conclusion, for those wishing to learn even more about data analytics work or any other matters of computer science, the International Data Engineering And Science Association is a top resource in the industry with which to consider inquiring further.