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Big Opportunities in Big Data at Washington & Jefferson

Washington & Jefferson College appears in our ranking of the 20 Best Data Science Bachelor’s Degree Programs.

Computing and Information Studies (CIS) majors at Washington & Jefferson College can choose from a variety of interesting majors. These include Digital Media, Interaction Design, Big Data, and Web and Mobile Technologies degree specializations. The Big Data emphasis teaches students about large data set modeling, analysis and visualization for research, decision making and problem-solving.

The Computing and Information Studies program is designed to help students assume future IT leadership roles by providing an interdisciplinary curriculum that utilizes concepts of art, science, math, business, psychology, and communication. Students are exposed to current issues in interactive design, market research, systems development, network security, and computational coding.

Students in the CIS Big Data degree problem can expect to take classes such as Introduction to Data Mining. This covers topics like privacy, analytics, modeling, and reporting. This class trains students how to apply algorithms to data sets in order to pinpoint and interpret patterns. A class in Geographic Information Systems will introduce students to how GIS and GPS information is connected to field research, data collection, market research, and spatial analysis.

After students take the Database Concepts course, they will know how to collect, organize, store and analyze data from a business perspective. The Networking Foundations class explores technical concepts such as mobile networking models, as well as abstract concepts, such as social networking and the social science. Introduction to Programming requires students to apply quantitative reasoning to create, test and report on a personalized interactive and graphical program.

Graduates of this program may find work as data scientists who use their analytical talents to deal with everything from AI to economic statistics to customer data management. Data architects are basically computer programmers who resolve data issues and create new ways to gain and interpret information. Corporate data visualizers are professionals who present information in non-technical terms so that people can better understand facts, trends, and predictions.

About Washington & Jefferson College

Most readers probably aren’t aware that Washington & Jefferson College has been often ranked as one of the top liberal arts colleges in the country since they started two centuries ago. They offer a dedicated faculty and state of the art equipment that helps students thrive inside and outside of the classroom. Students are given research, internship, and study abroad opportunities to help them achieve academic and career success. The residence halls are communities organized by unifying social, political and intellectual themes such as pet ownership and environmental sustainability. Students may choose from over 80 student clubs and organizations.

Washington & Jefferson College only has a total student body of about 1,400 students with 126 faculty members. Almost all of these are full-time undergraduates. The male student ratio is slightly higher than the female ratio. About 70 percent of students are local Pennsylvania residents. Getting into Washington & Jefferson College is no easy task. Over 30 percent of accepted applicants rank in the top 10 percent of their high school classes. The average GPA is 3.7. The most popular majors include accounting, psychology, communication arts, and business administration. The student to faculty ratio is just 11:1. Almost 70 percent of classes have fewer than 20 students.

Washington & Jefferson College Accreditation Details

The Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools accredits Washington & Jefferson College.

Washington & Jefferson College Application Requirements

Potential students must submit an online college application. Washington & Jefferson College uses a holistic approach to evaluating individual admission applications. First, high school performance matters most. The student’s GPA will be compared against the difficulty of their high school curriculum. The Admission Committee favors students who take Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate and College in High School classes. An admission interview is not required but helps the student learn more about the school, available degrees and admission process.

Second, standardized test scores are used to confirm the applicant’s academic potential. Students who score low on standardized tests may apply for admission through the Score-Optional policy that emphasizes other application materials and performance areas. The middle SAT score range is 1060 to 1260 and the average ACT composite score is anywhere from 24 to 30. Third, extracurricular activities and accomplishments are considered. Fourth, a 250 to 500-word personal statement is required. Fifth, a teacher or counselor recommendation is required.

Washington & Jefferson College Tuition & Financial Aid

Every year, about $33 million dollars in scholarships and financial aid are awarded to 99 percent of students. The typical financial aid package for freshmen is at least $38,000 per year. About 80 percent of this financial assistance is gift aid that reduces the cost of attending. Every year, tuition will cost about $47,384, fees about $580, room about $7,438 and board $5,238. This totals to $60,640 per year. Other costs include $800 for books, $700 for personal and $200 to $1,000 for travel.

The Federal Work-Study program provides campus jobs for undergraduates with demonstrated financial need. The internal College Work Study program is available for students who are not eligible for the Federal Work Study program. Together, these employment programs offer over 600 jobs in over 50 departments and the community. Employees and their spouses and dependents may apply to the Tuition Remission program. Military education benefits for veterans and their qualifying dependents are determined by the Veterans Administration.

Federal Pell Grants are given to students who demonstrate financial need and who don’t have a bachelor’s degree yet. The maximum award amount changes every year depending on available funding, enrollment status, cost of attendance and Estimated Family Contribution (EFC). The Direct Loan Program is a guaranteed source of financial support for students. In order to qualify for a loan, the student must complete an entrance interview to verify they understand their rights and responsibilities. They must sign a Master Promissory Note (MPN) with the federal government. An exit interview before graduation helps students learn about their future rights and responsibilities.

Washington & Jefferson College is a small and intimate educational institution that offers affordable degrees through general financial aid and tuition assistance.

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