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Artificial intelligence and data science are two subjects that go hand-in-hand in the computer science industry. A growing number of careers rely on AI and data science analytics to provide insight into difficult problems in many areas of society. The reason data science is so compatible with AI technology is that large caches of data are too complex for human researchers to make sense of without computer assistance. When machine learning algorithms are combined with the latest data analysis methods, new information can be obtained with a much higher degree of confidence than was previously possible.

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Software Engineering

Designing software for businesses and consumers is a data-intensive process that requires in-depth knowledge of user preferences and expectations. Users often don’t know what they’re looking for until it’s presented to them by a software manufacturer. One way software makers can gain insight into market trends is through artificial intelligence and data science analytics. Large-scale trends are often observable at a level that is too complex to observe in the usage habits of individual users.

Health Informatics

The health care industry is a rapidly growing field that requires a great deal of information analysis and processing. Artificial intelligence is helping data professionals in the health care industry find diagnoses and treatments for conditions that were previously difficult or impossible for trained doctors to discover on their own. Not only do artificially intelligent robots perform medical procedures such as surgeries and minor operations, but algorithms powered by machine learning will soon be able to provide psychiatric therapy for patients, according to Forbes.

Investment Banking

The banking industry is a data-rich field with a strong need for analytics processes powered by AI. With advanced machine learning algorithms and data science practices, investment bankers can predict long-term financial trends with much better accuracy than was previously possible. Many trades are possible only with the help of artificial intelligence because they must be executed in the span of a few milliseconds. Data science helps financial brokers make decisions for clients and the companies they work for.

Intelligence Gathering

As intelligence agencies monitor online groups, foreign governments and dissident movements, they use data science and artificial intelligence to detect patterns and trends in the behavior of their subjects. From private investigators to government agencies, intelligence gathering is an important job that requires huge amounts of data and insightful observations about its meaning. Intelligence agencies and private investigators can use data science to monitor websites and servers connected to political extremists, foreign adversaries, and political campaigns.


While it’s illegal for government agencies to intervene in the political process, it’s not illegal for private firms to conduct opposition research for a political candidate. It’s illegal for the government to use political opposition research to grant warrants for surveillance, but it’s legal for media outlets and politicians to publicize information obtained through data gathering and machine learning. Data science and machine learning can be used to micro-target voters based on issues that matter to them, as the Obama campaign did during the 2012 election.

With data science becoming increasingly important in the economy, many careers rely on analytics and machine learning to gather information and make predictions. Careers that combine AI with data science include a wide range of economic industries and professions.

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