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Minors Well-Suited to Data Science Majors

  • Statistics
  • Mathematics
  • Programming
  • Information Technology
  • Physics

Data science is an increasingly important field that specifically handles matters of statistics and their analysis. What are some of the best minors to pair with this degree major? In general, any STEM-related majors fit well here, but there are actually a number of minor paths that are more keenly aligned with data science. They are as follows.

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1. Statistics

Statistics, as a discipline, really lies at the core of all data science, making it an often ideal pairing with the major. In learning statistics, students can expect to learn statistical inference, calculation approaches, times and places of use, and plenty more. This is the practice of coming up with calculated facts, numeric and otherwise, regarding nearly anything in the world around us. For those unaware, statistics is actually a subset of the greater discipline of mathematics.

2. Mathematics

Mathematics itself is a broad area of study that encompasses statistics, geometry, algebra, trigonometry, and other various subsets. It is the discipline of calculation and numeric quantifying. Students choosing to focus on this as a minor pairing to the data science degree typically find themselves even more valuable in the data science industry. This is because, again, mathematics is the heart of data science, and those additionally educated in this area are often able to bring even more to the table in the real-life work environment.

3. Programming

As briefly yet accurately summed up in The Guardian by professional programmer and writer, Dan Crow, “software is the language of our world”. As computers become involved in more and more in human activities and wares, the need for ways to represent the world by way of computer language has grown incredibly quickly. In addition to programming being a great utility all unto itself to learn, it is also a great minor to pair with data science due to its overlap with the field in so many areas today.

4. Information Technology

Information technology is the discipline concerned with the use of various forms of technology for storing and otherwise working with data in any number of ways. Like programming, this minor is highly applicable to the work of virtually all data science workers as well as being a highly-valued skill all unto its own. Some of the areas of expertise covered by the IT field include data and informatics, health IT, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, identity management, security, and much more.

5. Physics

Finally, physics is yet another highly applicable minor that many students choose to pair with data science. Quite basically explained, physics is simply the study of how the world works – the unseen rules that govern what is and is not possible in our world and universe. Being knowledgeable here gives anyone working in data science a great advantage because they then hold further insights that help to solve data science problems and move the field forward as a whole.

Choosing the most powerful minor to go along with that data science degree can really open up the possibilities later on. These five minors pair as well as any other with this particular degree major today. For even more information on data science, its educational aligns, career opportunities, and more, the International Data Engineering and Science Association, is an excellent resource with which to follow up.

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