5 Podcasts for Data Scientists

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Great Data Science Podcasts

  • The Data Skeptic
  • Linear Digressions
  • The Super Data Science Podcast
  • Not So Standard Deviations
  • Partially Derivative

For those who are earning a data science degree and hoping to make the subject their career, there are many excellent podcasts available. These podcasts provide listeners with the latest news and trends in data science, and they also offer insight from industry leaders that often cannot be found anywhere else. Here are 5 great data science podcasts.

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1. The Data Skeptic

This podcast is an excellent choice for those who are new to data science. Co-hosted by Linh Da Tran and Kyle Polich, these weekly podcasts are typically 25 minutes or less and they take highly complex subjects in both data science and machine learning and make them understandable for those who are not yet experts. They also offer interesting interviews featuring leading academics in the field. Currently, there are more than 200 shows available.

2. Linear Digressions

Like the Data Skeptic, this podcast is known for distilling complex subject matter into language that everyone can understand. Co-hosted by Ben Jaffe and Katie Malone, this weekly podcast — which is usually around 20 minutes per episode — also specializes in taking concepts in data science and applying them to real-world problems and solutions. It offers the perfect balance of theory and practice, and there are nearly 200 episodes available at the moment.

3. The Super Data Science Podcast

Data scientist Kirill Eremenko, who has written for Entrepreneur and other leading publications, hosts this data science podcast that ranges from 5 to 10 minute episodes focused on specific subjects to hour-long interviews. What makes this show stand out from others is its motivational tone and its focus on jobs and career development. Eremenko further takes theoretical data science concepts and applies them to the business world. He also often makes book recommendations, and there are currently around 150 episodes available.

4. Not So Standard Deviations

This podcast takes on some of the most important data science questions of the day. Co-hosted by Hilary Parker and Roger Peng, the show — which is an hour long — includes panel discussions in which industry experts talk about the latest data science news and how it affects both academia and business. They also have a book club, where they discuss new publications and their ramifications for the industry. Currently, there are a little more than 50 episodes available.

5. Partially Derivative

Discussions of data science can often be dry and a bit dull, but this podcast proves that the subject does not have to be this way. Co-hosted by Chris Albon, Vidya Spandana and Jonathon Morgan, this half-hour podcast tries to make data science entertaining, and it often succeeds. The show’s participants actually discuss the latest news and trends in data science over drinks, and the conversation can get lively. But it always informative as well. There are more than 100 episodes of the show currently available.


In conclusion, these data sciences podcasts provide a wealth of interesting and useful information. Anyone pursuing a Data Science degree would be wise to listen to them on a regular basis.

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