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Data Science Programs Available at San José State University

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San José State University offers a range of data science programs for students, including a Master of Science (MS) in Data Analytics. This program is open to professionals who want to study analytics and students who recently finished college. It includes a curriculum that incorporates courses in business and technology as well as other fields. Students take eight lecture courses, including Data Mining, Database Administration, Information Visualization and Machine Learning. They have the choice of doing an internship instead of taking an elective and will also take two research courses.

A unique program available from the university is a Master of Library and Information Science (MLIS) in Data Science that features a minimum of 43 credits. Students learn how to collect and identify data from the web and other sources as well as how to analyze that information. The program has two foundation courses that students need to take at San José State University if they haven’t taken them already and five required courses. Online Learning: Tools and Strategies for Success, Information Professions and Applied Research Methods in Library and Information Science are some of those classes. The university requires that they do a culminating experience too.

Also available is an MS in Software Engineering with a specialization in data science. This program includes the same requirements as the software engineering program does but allows students to take data science classes too. Classes follow a 16-week schedule and meet once a week on-campus, usually in the middle of the week. The university assigns students to cohorts or small groups each year. Some of the classes that they take include Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Software Systems Engineering, and Enterprise Software Platforms. Two of their classes give them time to work on their capstone projects.

Graduate students can also earn an MS in Bioinformatics from San José State University. This program looks at how doctors and other professionals collect health and biological information from individuals. It includes a culminating experience that students can accomplish through an independent research project, individual study plan or a special study course. Graduate Technical Writing, Statistics for Bioinformatics and Bioinformatics I and II are among the required classes in the program. Students will also take three or more electives that can include courses on computer science and programming.

Through the Department of Marketing and Business Analytics at San José State University, students can choose concentrations in business analytics or marketing. Each concentration will narrow down the courses that they take in the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration program. Marketing students take Marketing Research, Marketing Management, Social Media Marketing, and Product Development. In the business analytics concentration, students focus on statistics and analysis classes. They’ll take Business Analytics, Soft Skills, Supply Chain Analytics, Decision Making Under Uncertainty, Database Management Systems, and Simulation Modeling and Analysis.

About San José State University

San José State University is a public university known as both SJSU and San Jose State. Established in 1857 as the Minns Evening Normal School, it became the California State Normal School just five years later. The university would also become the State Teachers College at San Jose, San Jose State College, and California State University, San Jose before adopting the San José State University name. Though its name is different, it is still part of the California State University System and the oldest campus affiliated with that system. U.S. News and World Report ranks SJSU as one of the best colleges in the western region, top schools for veterans, most affordable colleges and one of the nation’s best universities.

San José State University Accreditation Details

SJSU has regional accreditation, which is needed for students who cannot afford to attend the university. It comes from the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and allows students to get aid when they use the online Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Some of the data science programs at San Jose State have accreditation from the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) too.

San José State University Application Requirements

The university’s MS in Data Analytics program requires that incoming students have a bachelor’s degree and a grade point average of 3.0 in the last 60 credits of 90 units of classes they took. Students should also take at least one computer programing class, one statistics class, and one calculus course. SJSU does not require a GRE or any other score unless the student comes from outside of the US. They have until May first to apply and the 20th of the month to submit their documents. San Jose State asks for a transcript from each college or university that the applicant attended.

Students applying to the MLIS program have the same admissions requirements. They also need to have access to a home computer and a good understanding of technology. Those applying to the software engineering program need to submit their documents by April 20 and meet the program’s April first application deadline. The bioinformatics program has seven prerequisites that incoming students must take, including Calculus I and II and Principles of Biology I and II. They also need to take two classes on Python. This program requires a completed application, college transcripts, a personal statement and two letters of recommendation. Future SJSU undergrads need to apply by November 30 and pay a $70 application fee. The university will look at their grades and test scores to determine if they can start classes in the fall.

Tuition and Financial Aid

At SJSU, undergrads pay $7,852 in tuition and fees if they also live in California. Nonresidents pay the same amount and a separate fee of $396 for each credit that they take. They can pay extra for on-campus housing and a meal plan. SJSU graduate students pay $4,164 per term when they take up to six units of classes. When they take more, they’ll pay $7,176 per term. SJSU offers many different types of financial aid and encourages students to submit the FAFSA if they want to qualify for any of those prizes. Both undergrads and graduate students majoring in data science and related fields at San José State University can get a financial aid package that includes work-study, loans, scholarships and grants.

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