5 Conferences for Data Scientists

conferences for data scientists

Data Science Conferences

  • Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining Annual Conference
  • Data Science Salon
  • Strata Data Conference
  • Domino Data Science Pop-Up Conferences
  • Data Science Go

Data scientists spend much of their working hours in the company of computers rather than people. While this is how many prefer it, most also appreciate the opportunity to come together with others in the field. These five conferences bring together data scientists from across the globe for both networking and learning.

1. Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining Annual Conference

Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (KDD) is an international data science professional organization. It was created to provide researchers and practitioners across the field with networking and brainstorming platforms. The highlight of each year is the Annual Conference.

2. Data Science Salon

Data Science Salon is an annual data science conference series focusing on the realm of artificial intelligence (AI). With the AI presence growing exponentially throughout society, this is a highly relevant and beneficial event for all data scientists to attend. These events are gathering opportunities for researches and practitioners to share their latest knowledge and collaborate around finding solutions to current problems and address gaps in the needs of the field.

3. Strata Data Conference

O’Reilly Media and Cloudera offer three annual Strata Data Conferences across the globe. These events are geared towards teaching professionals how to most effectively transform the latest data science information into practice. Strata invites professionals from a wide variety of data science careers, including machine learning, data engineering and architecture, big data, visualization, cybersecurity, law and ethics, and data-driven business management.

4. Domino Data Science Pop-Up Conferences

Domino Data offers several Data Science Pop-Up Conferences throughout the year. These one-day events are excellent opportunities to network for data scientists who are short on time yet eager to connect, and equally great for those who wish to connect with many different minds on a variety of topics. It is easy to find one nearby or in a dream location. Domino is always accepting submissions for presenters and sponsors.

5. Data Science Go

Data Science Go is the ultimate continuing education conference for this field. Everyone from students to seasoned professionals looking for refreshers are invited to come and learn from the leaders in the field on a variety of data science topics. Data Science Go also offers several networking opportunities.


In the ever-changing field of data science, it is important to remain connected and informed throughout the year There is no more exciting way to stay current than by attending conferences such as these five. From brand new students to the most executive professionals, every data scientist has something to gain at these events.

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