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30 Best Data Science Blogs

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The data science industry is constantly changing and evolving, making blogs the ideal outlet for keeping up with all that’s new. Of course, not all blogs are created equal.

Whether you’re an aspiring data scientist or an industry veteran, keeping up with the latest via top-quality blogs is practically part of the job description. To find the best data science blogs, we went straight to the people. We scoured dozens of data science communities in search of what data scientists themselves consider the must-follow blogs. The result is an interesting mix of blogs. While some are for those already working as data scientists, others are aimed at those who are still aspiring. But despite their differences, each blog on our list has been declared one of the 30 best data science blogs by industry insiders.

Analytics Vidhya

Analytics Vidhya is a fantastic data science blog for those looking to start a career in data science. The popular blog features articles on data science, machine learning, R programming, and Python for analytics, among much more. The website also includes a forum where readers can post and answer questions relating to data science.

Becoming a Data Scientist

As you may have guessed by its name, Becoming a Data Scientist is a great blog for those who want to enter this profession. The blog is run by Renee who, in addition to interviewing various industry experts, posts tutorials and other how-to articles aimed at helping readers improve their own skills. New articles are posted once every couple months.

Data Into Results

Each month, Data Into Results posts a number of blog  that would be of interest to the data-driven start-up. The posts are written by a successful consultant in data mining, and most of the content is about data mining application. Recent posts include “Let’s Encrypt and Getaway” and “Manage Your Data Warehouse,” among others.

Data Science Central

Data Science Central is a powerhouse of data science information. The blog features articles written by some of the industry’s leading experts. The website which hosts the blog also features a helpful forum where you can discuss just about any topic related to data science.

Data Science Report by Starbridge Partners

Data Science Report is a one-stop shop when it comes to all things data science, making it an easy addition to our list of the best data science blogs. Besides being home to hundreds of articles on all things data science, the Report includes dozens of videos, TED talks, book reviews, free online courses, and just about anything else one might need to learn more about data science topics.

Data Science Weekly

Data Science Weekly is a helpful data science blog that comes to you! Each Thursday, Data Science Weekly subscribers are emailed a free newsletter containing the latest news and articles relating to data science, plus a listing of job openings in the industry.

Data Science@ Berkeley

As you may have guessed from its name, Data Science @ Berkeley is the data science blog run by the School of Information at University of California — Berkeley. The blog:

  • profiles new data science startups
  • covers industry news and events
  • conducts interviews with people in the industry
  • provides various types of information on data science and information technology.


The data science blog Dataconomy offers readers thorough and entertaining blog posts about the latest news, events, and ideas from the data science industry. Its blog posts are often written by industry experts, who provide honest insights as only they can provide.


Prepare to spend hours exploring Datafloq, a popular data science blog that’s a must-follow for anyone needing or wanting to stay up to date with the industry. It’s filled with data science resources, plus articles on news, opinions, advice, and research, among much more.


Part blog, part online community, and part news site, Datatau is a great resource for data scientists of all interest levels. Dubbed “Hacker News for Data Scientists,” Datatau’s blog contributors include a large number of data scientists who write about anything and everything related to data science. What makes Datatau unique is the way in which readers and other data scientists can comment on, rate, and even add to existing blog posts.


Readers wanting to know more about data management or analytic technology will enjoy Curt Monash’s popular data science blog, DBMS2. The blog also covers a number of different programs and technologies, including Amazon Redshift, PostgreSQL, and Cassandra, among others. Posting can be a bit sporadic, but even still, the blog boasts a great archive.

Domino Data Science Blog

Domino Data Science Blog is the blog of Domino Data Lab, a big data analytics company. This interesting and popular blog profiles the ways in which companies and other real world organizations use machine learning and data science to further their goals.

Edwin Chen’s Blog

Ask any data scientist about the blogs he or she follows and you’ll likely find that Edwin Chen’s blog makes the list. Edwin Chen — whose impressive resume includes ad quality work at Twitter, quantitative analysis at Google, and data science at Dropbox — writes blog posts about his experiences and vast breadth of knowledge on the topics of data science.


Created by an economist, the popular data science blog FastML aims to make the concept of machine learning as easy and as straightforward as possible. The blog features hundreds of useful tips that readers can use to incorporate machine learning into even the most complex of business problems.


Nate Silver’s data science blog, FiveThirtyEight, is one of the best data science blogs for analyzing the latest and greatest in the world of data science. The blog’s articles routinely feature interactive examples and in-depth articles detailing the ways in which data applies to politics, culture, the economy, and other facets of everyday life.

Flowing Data

Flowing Data is a unique blog that teaches data scientists the vital skill of data storytelling. The articles are written by Dr. Nathan Yau, and include useful design tips and step-by-step tutorials for telling stories through data.

The Gradient Flow

Ben Lorica, Chief Data Scientist at O’Reilly Media, manages The Gradient Flow. This popular data science blog presents in-depth articles and reports on topics related to artificial technology and machine learning.

Hilary Mason’s Blog

Hilary Mason, the founder of Fast Forward Labs, is also the founder of this popular data science blog. Mason describes herself as a “data scientist and hacker.” Her blog posts are an interesting mix of her experiences, latest industry news, and more.


Those interested in the machine learning side of big data will greatly benefit from checking out insideBIGDATA. Posts cover big data in everything from A.I. to IT and business, and all are well organized into topics for easy perusal. In addition to informative posts, the blog also features jobs, research reports, event announcements, and more. 


If you’re new to data science and/or looking to transition into a career in data science, then Insight is a must-follow blog. Each of Insight’s blog posts provides useful and practical tips aimed at both teaching and inspiring the new data scientist.


KDnuggets, one of the most popular data science blogs, also happens to be one of the very best. The blog is run by Gregory Piatetsky-Shapiro, a leading industry expert, and covers:

  • machine learning
  • business analytics
  • statistics.

Machine Learning (Theory)

Machine Learning (Theory) is the blog of John Langford, a machine learning pro at Microsoft. Langford uses his popular blog to share tips about machine learning theory, and concisely explain  concepts often considered to be complicated. Langford’s entertaining and clear writing make his blog an especially good one for aspiring data scientists to follow.

O’Reilly on Our Radar

O’Reilly on Our Radar is a must-follow for those interested in data culture and its influence. A number of data scientists contribute to the blog, which covers data science applications, industry news and developments, and the latest research.

R Bloggers

R Bloggers is a massive compendium of articles and postings relating to R programming. More than 750 R experts contribute to the site on topics ranging from data and text mining to predictive modeling and analytics.

Simply Statistics

Simply Statistics is a popular blog that combines statistics and data science. The articles are based on the work of three biostatistics professors, Rafa Irizarry, Roger Peng, and Jeff Leek. Each post contributes to the overall aim of teaching data scientists how to use statistics to complement their work.

Smart Data Collective

As its motto promises, Smart Data Collective is a compendium of helpful blog posts by some of the “world’s best thinkers on data.” Each blog post includes advice and recommendations from experts on topics like data science, big data, and machine learning, among other things.

Statistical Modeling, Casual Inference, and Social Science

The name of this popular data science blog may be a bit of a mouth full, but so is the long list of topics it covers. The blog is run by six data scientists and sponsored by twice as many organizations. It offers readers hundreds of real-world profiles and tutorials for everything from data analysis to statistical modeling. Andrew Gelman, a statistics and political science professor at Columbia University and one of the blog’s contributors, also offers fascinating data science-themed articles on subjects like:

  • sociology
  • public health
  • political science.

Steve Miller’s Blog at Information Management

Data scientist Steve Miller blogs at Information Management. His popular blog is chock full of interesting articles on the ways in which data science impacts economics and public policy. It also has tons of information on data science, predictive analytics, and statistical learning, among other things.

Walking Randomly

Walking Randomly is the well-respected data science blog of Mike Croucher, head of the EPS IS Applications team at the University of Manchester. Croucher’s blog is comprised of articles spanning a number of different data science-related topics including:

  • linear algebra
  • Python.

What’s the Big Data?

What’s the Big Data? is a favorite data science blog among many in the industry. It’s the blog of Gil Press, who has spent decades working in and researching big data. Press ties his vast experience into every post, while also providing readers with the latest news and trends in big data and artificial intelligence.

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