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Data Science Degree Programs Guide - Top Bachelor's Degrees-01
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By DSD Staff
May 2018

Top business executives cannot make effective decisions for their organizations without sound data driving those decisions. With hundreds, if not thousands, of data elements available, the role of the data scientist is critical in protecting, analyzing, organizing, and interpreting this data. Data scientists can be found in just about all sectors to help analyze large volumes of data in everything from healthcare to counterterrorism. Earning an online data science bachelor’s degree is a great way to gain the skills and knowledge  for this exciting field without having to come to campus for a traditional classroom program.

We created this list of the best online data science bachelor’s degree programs by reviewing College Navigator to find schools offering this innovative new major. We considered programs in analytics, data science, and business analytics, data analysis, and data management in our list. We then developed a ranking system to determine the top 15 schools offering an online data science bachelor’s degree.

Ranking is as follows:
Student/Faculty ratio:

  • 15:1 or less- 3 points
  • 16:1 to 19:1- 2 points
  • 20:1 and above- 1 point

Average Net Price:

  • Less than $13,000- 3 points
  • $13,000 to $20,000- 2 points
  • Greater than $20,000- 1 point

Graduation Rate:

  • Greater than 50%- 3 points
  • 30% to 50%- 2 points
  • Less than 30%- 1 point

Where there are ties, schools are ranked according to in-state average graduate tuition rates per College Navigator.

#15 -Salem University-Salem, West Virginia

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science-Data Science

Ratio: 24:1
Average Net Price: $22,810/year
Graduation Rate: 19%
Points: 3
Students interested in “Big Data” should check out the top online bachelor’s in data science program at Salem University. It’s flexible and can accommodate working professionals or those with busy schedules. In addition to the “Big Data” focus, students learn the basics of computer science including data structures, operating systems, and computer languages. Courses are delivered through a four-week format, allowing students to move quickly through the program.

#14 -Colorado Technical University-Colorado Springs, Colorado

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration – Data Analytics

Ratio: 28:1
Average Net Price: $19,856/year
Graduation Rate: 20%
Points: 4
This is considered one of the best online programs in the nation by U.S. News and World Report. The online bachelor’s in business administration program with a concentration in data analytics is a great choice for data-savvy professionals. The program aligns with The American Management Association and Certified Analytics Professional. Students learn how to use data to make informed business decisions through a curriculum focused on data, communications, and managerial skills. This highly specialized program is accredited by the ACBSP.

#13 -Southern New Hampshire University-Manchester, New Hampshire

Online Bachelor’s Degree in Data Analytics

Ratio: 30:1
Average Net Price: $34,984/year
Graduation Rate: 58%
Points: 5
Southern New Hampshire University wants to make sure its graduates are an asset to any business. It  offers a rigorous online bachelor’s in data analytics that’s both affordable and flexible. Students attend class when it’s convenient and have access to coursework 24/7. Faculty are top tier professionals with industry experience. Unsure how to get started or how to find a job after graduation? Students have access to both academic and career advisors to help you along the way.

#12 -Ottawa University-Ottawa, Kansas

Bachelor of Science in Data Science and Technology

Ratio: 18:1
Average Net Price: $20,565/year
Graduation Rate: 31%
Points: 5
Offered fully online, the bachelor’s in data science and technology program at Ottawa University is both rigorous and flexible. Students complete both business and data science and technology courses for a well rounded education. Courses are taught by industry experts, and are offered in eight week sessions with no required outside study groups. Students have access to a 24/7 help desk and student portal so the program is accessible at virtually any time of day or night.

#11 -Arizona State University-Scottsdale, Arizona

Business Data Analytics

Ratio: 26:1
Average Net Price: $12,981/year
Graduation Rate: 20%
Points: 5
The W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University features a top online bachelor’s in Business Data Analytics program. It offers students a customized approach to education. Students can participate in honors programs, career coaching, learning communities, and study abroad opportunities. This top bachelor’s online in data science program has STEM-eligible status with the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency in the Department of Homeland Security. This gives eligible program graduates on student visas the opportunity to train in the U.S. for an additional 24 months.

#10 -Western Governors University-Salt Lake City, Utah

Bachelor of Science Data Management/Data Analytics

Ratio: 41:1
Average Net Price: $9,115/year
Graduation Rate: 26%
Points: 5
Businesses have thousands of pieces of data they must analyze to improve outcomes, satisfy customers and stakeholders, and save money. The online bachelor’s in data management/data analytics program at Western Governors University teaches students how to organize and analyze data, share findings with leadership, and make recommendations that further business objectives. 74% of graduates complete their degree in  6-36 months.

#9 -Bellevue University-Bellevue, Nebraska

Online Bachelor’s in Business Analytics

Ratio: 31:1
Average Net Price: $6,349/year
Graduation Rate: 13%
Points: 5
The online business analytics bachelor’s degree from Bellevue University provides students with foundational skills employers demand. Students will learn skills in:


-information systems

-applied statistics

-data mining

-data management.

While pursuing their degree, students prepare to earn industry certifications in analytics which will make them more competitive in the job market. Graduates are well prepared to enter MBA programs or related master’s programs in information systems, data science, or business analytics.

#8 -Liberty University-Lynchburg, Virginia

Bachelor’s in Information Systems degrees- Database

Ratio: 19:1
Average Net Price: $24,794/year
Graduation Rate: 51%
Points: 6
The top online bachelor’s degree in data science program at Liberty University is focused on developing and deploying databases across a variety of industries. Students will prepare for professional certifications in Cisco and Java, credentials that are essential in the information systems field. Liberty is a Christian university, offering an online bachelor’s in information systems with a Christian worldview. Most students can earn their degree in just three years.

#7 -Saint Louis University-Saint Louis, Missouri

Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems (CIS)-Data Analytics

Ratio: 9:1
Average Net Price: $33,222/year
Graduation Rate: 74%
Points: 7
The bachelor’s in computer information systems with a focus on data analytics at Saint Louis University prepares students for a career in market research, data analysis, or business analysis. Core courses include:

-Analytics and Modeling

-Cyber Security and Governance of Data

-Enterprise Application Development

-Data Mining.

This 120 credit hour program is available entirely online, making it a great choice for working professionals.

#6 -Azusa Pacific University-Azusa, California

Online Bachelor’s in Information System-Data Analytics

Ratio: 12:1
Average Net Price: $28,506/year
Graduation Rate: 70%
Points: 7
The online bachelor’s in information systems with an emphasis in data analytics is a 15 credit hour emphasis. It’s for students who want to enhance business operations and security through data. In addition to the bachelor’s in information systems, students can pair this concentration area with bachelor’s degree programs in:

-applied psychology

-applied studies



-criminal justice

-health sciences.

Coursework focuses on topics like e-commerce and marketing, data analytics and business intelligence, and information security and compliance.

#5 -Webster University-Saint Louis, Missouri

Data Analytics (BS) Online

Ratio: 13:1
Average Net Price: $24,717/year
Graduation Rate: 59%
Points: 7
The Walker School of Business and Technology/Math and Computer Science Department features an online bachelor’s in data analytics.  It’s designed to help students make data driven decisions in today’s competitive marketplace. Coursework covers areas like:

-data analytics methods

-database systems

-data mining

-data warehousing.

All core courses are available online, making this a great choice for non-traditional students.

#4 -Ohio Christian University-Circleville, Ohio

B.S. in Data Analytics Online

Ratio: 11:1
Average Net Price: $18,640/year
Graduation Rate: 34%
Points: 7
Ohio Christian University offers an online bachelor’s in data analytics program.  It integrates Christian principles and evaluates ethical principles in data analysis. This 120 credit hour program includes courses like:

-database systems

-human factors in IT


-data analytics.

Courses are five weeks long, allowing students to move through the program quickly.

#3 -Colorado State University-Fort Collins, Colorado

Online Bachelor’s in Management Information Systems and Business Analytics

Ratio: 18:1
Average Net Price: $16,232/year
Graduation Rate: 67%
Points: 7
Graduates want to distinguish themselves from the pack. Earning  an online bachelor’s in data science from Colorado State University can do just that! Students will learn advanced data mining techniques, how to drive business objectives, and support business decisions through data. Students can choose from over 21 different specializations to gain a new skill set or build upon  existing skills. Graduates are qualified for positions such as:

-data processing manager

-technical services manager

-chief information officer.

#2 -Washington State University-Pullman, Washington

Online Bachelor of Science in Data Analytics

Ratio: 15:1
Average Net Price: $17,815/year
Graduation Rate: 67%
Points: 8
“Big Data” is a high demand field requiring specialized training with large data sets. Washington State University provides  this through its online bachelor’s in data analytics. The program requires strong math skills to be successful. Faculty are distinguished industry experts who also teach the traditional on-campus program. Graduates have found employment as data analysts in a variety of fields including insurance, finance, education, and e-commerce.

#1 -Indiana University-South Bend, Indiana

Online Bachelor’s in Informatics

Ratio: 14:1
Average Net Price: $9,734/year
Graduation Rate: 30%
Points: 8
The online bachelor’s in informatics at Indiana University is a 120 flexible program ideal for working professionals unable to travel or relocate to complete their degree. The curriculum is comprised of:

-informatics core courses

-cognate courses

-informatics electives

-general electives.

Online students have access to success coaching, tutoring, career coaching, and a 24/7 call center. Graduates from this top online bachelor’s in data science have found success working as:

-information architect

-web developer

-database developer

-digital library specialist.

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